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Start-up problems Camaro


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Im having problem with the ecu not triggering the injectors or ignition. Running Distributor and external coil 2point Common injection on injectorchannel 1 and 2 Ignition channel 1 to igniter I am only using trigger 1 connected to the VR in the distributor MultiTooth and 8 theets selected in trigger menu When i go into ignition and running 'test' the coil fires as it should When i go to the injector test page the program says 'this will turn on the injectors.......' i hear a low ticking from the injecotors but no fuel comes out, when i turn off the testmode the injectors inject twice. When cranking nothing happens no fuel and no reaction with ignitionlamp attached to sparkwire. Get Trigger 1 'OK' Trigger Err Counter '0' RPM about 82 Rpm while cranking Attached my pcl file Something i have missed?


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Have done some progress to day, i have a spark, but still problems with the injectors Theay are 1,6 ohms with 10 Ohms ballast resistors = 11,6 ohm The klick very low when running injectortest, and no fuel squirts. When i use the 'prime' funktion Key-On the injector squirts a rapid shower when i turn on the key, but nothing happens when cranking. Do i have to go down to a lower ballast so that the injector and ballast together ends up near 6 ohm which is the lower limit?

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have a look at the manual and read up on using and selecting ballast resistors

as i believe you have the wrong resistance and are struggling to open the injector correctly


Example1. 2.0 to 4.0 ohm injector.

The required current to open these injectors is 2A. Using ohms law we can calculate the resistor required.


V = I x R


V = system voltage

I  = Required current to open the injector

R = Total resistance( Sum of injector + ballast)


V typ = 14.0V

I = 2A


R = 14.0 volts / 2A = 7 Ohms


So the total resistance required to achieve 2A at 14V is 7 ohms. If we subtract the injector resistance, say 2 ohms this leaves 5 ohms. One common resistor value close to this is 4.7 Ohms. Hence, on injectors 2 to  4 ohms a one 4.7ohm ballast must be used per injector.


Hope that helps



[email protected]



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