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warm starting at operating temp hunting idle for a few seconds

simon gardner

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im having an issue with my link g4 storm . i have the motor running and driving 95 percent perfect .

but say iv had my engine running and its warm , if i stop and leave the car to go a little cool say on a cool day or a warm day , when i restart it its hunting around at low idle  revs for maybe 10 to 15 seconds then it evens out and starts running as it should.

can anyone point me in the right direction. / im trying to iron out these little niggles.



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You'll probably notice this issue getting worse at colder ambient temps, I got the same problem (Idle AFRs being rather lean after starting the engine) and I guess thats mostly because of the intake manifold getting cold while the coolant temps at the sensor are still somewhat higher. So the ECU does not add warm up enrichment although needed. As soon as the coolant flows and heat dissipates equally, the differences fade away.

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It could be to do with the IAT correction it might be the sensor is getting heat soak and it takes a bit of air flow to bring the reading back to correct. In this case less correction for small TPS values might help.

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