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cosworth yb trigger set up

Vincent Fenech

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Hi, I am installing a G4 extreme with MSD coil pack and MSD DIS 2 plus on a ford Sierra Cosworth YB engine. The crank pulley is with 4 teeth and the distributor is with two teeth. Can someone please tell me which trigger set up I need to use? I already tried Ford Cosworth RS500 in the trigger set up but I am getting too many trigger errors during starting. Do I need to remove one teeth from the distributor and use another trigger set up ? because I am using wasted spark. I appreciate if someone can help me. Thanks Vince

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Recently struggled with the exact same thing on a friends car. The triggerwires probably pick up interference from the coil/plugwires. Try to move them away from the high voltage cables and look for errors. Alternativly you can try to run a set of wires on the outside off the car from the ecu to the triggers.

The RS500 setup is the correct one for the triggers you got.

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RS500 should match that pattern of 4 on the crank and 2 on the cam.

As the system is using reluctor sensors the polarity of the sensor will be critical as will the arming voltages.

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