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over fueling

shabaz rayaz

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Hi, i have a mitsubishi gto TT 1991 jap import, and a G1 ecu, The problem is that the car is over fueling alot, I have connected the ecu to a laptop and loaded the pclink software, I noticed that there was no voltage reading for the oxy sensor. should i be getting a reading with the link ecu??? if not how can i control the amount of fuel, if so would the oxy sensor cause it to over fuel alot, at the moment the fuel is set to 80. thanks baz

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The oxy sensor should read, but is not the reason for your over fueling.

When you say "The fuel is set to 80", do you mean that the MASTER number is set to 80?  There are quite a few fuel adjustments, not to mention the main fuel table.  If the engine is too rich somewhere then it needs to be leaned up at that point in the main fuel table.  Spend some time and read through the ECU's manual...

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