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GM Boost Solenoid

Eric Lemoine

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Hi guys, Just a little information for anyone using the GM Boost Solenoid and the Link Plus G3. I've found that the higher the duty cycle, the less boost, and not the other way around. For instance, my duty cycle at low boost is 82, and that gives 8psi on a 4.7LTT. I had it at 18 and it shot to the moon. Just some random info for anyone interested. Eric

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how do you have the hoses connected on the solenoid ? can you post up a picture?

i would suggest that you try connecting the hoses differently and you will find it will work as per the norm I.E. higher duty cycle higher boost   also what frequencu are you using



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I'm using a duty cycle of 25hz. Essentailly, I have the solenoid connected like this pic: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2006-9/1210778/emamage_ultimate.jpg The pressure supply is fed into the center port, and the exit to the gates are fed from the "side" port (not the one covered in foam). It's being fed from Aux 2. I tested it by attaching a vacuum line to the entrance port of the solenoid, then went into test PWM. As I lowered the duty cycle the solenoid clicked slower and more air passed through as I manually blew through the vacuum line. That would keep the gates closed longer. As the duty cycle went up to 82, where it is now, less air blew through, and the gates open sooner. Thanks! Eric

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