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Can someone look at this please wierd fueling at dyno!


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on the dyno today with a series 2 rb25det, tuner found he required very large numbers in the fuel table to achieve the desired AFR at most notably off boost at 4000rpm (see attached picture), above or below that rpm and once on boost the values in the table are more as expected.

he was stumped and so are we.

fuel pres. is good,

when using more reasonable numbers in this range the car clearly behaves as if lean, confirming its not erroneous readings from the wide band, same behavior also seen on 2 wide bands in different locations.

this is off boost only so we have no idea how "more air" is there requiring more fuel.

if any one has any ideas as to what this could be, we would love to work out whats going on.

can up .pcl if needed

on the other hand car still made 240kw on 12psi so not to shabby.


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I have looked and cant see anything wrong, the tuner has done a lot of link ecu's. It was his first time with a G4+ but I cant see that being a problem as the software is basically the same. any other ideas out there?



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Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed reply I have been really busy. The injectors are brand new 1000cc Injector dynamics. he was using the dyno as steady state and sweeping pulls. ill get more information in the next few days. thanks heaps for all the help so far :)

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