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Nissan RB Cam / Crank Angle Sensor

dave seymour

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Howdy again,

The last thing I have to wire in on my G4 storm / Rb30det install is the cam angle sensor.

The obvious relative pinouts on the factory loom are:


Pin 41 - Crank angle sensor (120 deg signal)

Pin 42 - Crank angle sensor (1 deg signal)

Pin 51 - Crank angle sensor (120 deg signal)

Pin 52 - Crank angle sensor (1 deg signal)



Now the G4 storm has two shielded triggers each containing two wires and I know one is common, the green shielded ground splits into two white wires but that is as far as I can get and despite searching google cant determine what wires go where.

I did find this on your site http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/C01 which identifies that one wire is 12v + and a ground but I'd only be best guessing as to which wires go where.

Any comments would be much appreciated.


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In the trigger cables you have a ground in each cable one of these can be used to ground the sensor.

The 12V for the sensor can come from a switched supply such as the ECU's 12V 

Trig one and two will be identified in the pinout for the Storm and a continuity check will confirm the correct wire at the end of the screened cable.

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