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atom G4+


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bit new to this! more a holley carb man but am about to drag myself into the 21st century! will the atom run a chev LS engine? i understand it can be run in wasted spark mode and batch fire injection? is this correct? and throwing a turbo into the mix, can the atom control boost? cheers Aaron

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Yes is the short answer.

The limitation on the Atom is the number of inputs and outputs.

So for this application you will likely be using the following outputs.

Ign 1-4  Ignition

Inj 1-4   Fuel

Aux 1 - Fuel Pump 

Aux2 - Engine Fan

Aux 3 - Tacho

Aux 4 - Boost Control


If there are extra items you want to control then you have run out of outputs and might need to consider one of the other units.

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