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CAN Bus Wiring.


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I've a AIM Evo 4 to which I've wired the CAN high to CAN+, CAN Low to CAN-, and the earth. However I'm not receiving any CAN data to the AIM datalogger. In addition the connection of the CAN cabling appears to drag down the controller (I can't connect PCLink to the remaining connection). 
Wondered if I'm screwing up something simple. Like not having the RS232 lines terminated, or as I suspect, that there is something more critically wrong with my configuration. 


I've configured Race Studio for Link CAN_Bus_Base_LLC


I've configured PCLink to CAN 1 User Defined, 1mbib/s, OBD off. 

Transmit Generic Dash, 20hz, CAN ID 1000. Normal. 


Race Studio doesn't show the link on CAN_Bus Info. (does show both the dash and Evo 4)


Cheers, Daniel. 



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Dave, thanks for the reply. Have attempted to use both ports (G4 xtreme plus) without success. 

Suspect it's the fact that I haven't configured a frame. However without specifics on what the parameters and bit length that the AIM is attempting to receive I simply can't configure the Link.


It's interesting that it downs the USB connection once the aim loom is connected. I've heard rumors of issues with leaving RS232 floating, however seems weird that even Link supply a USB extension cable that must leave RS232 floating on USB disconnect. Which would indicate that you can't run an extension to a bulkhead and leave it floating, while running a CAN dash. I need to investigate this further. 

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Think I have it. My transmit rate was off. The AIM appears to expect 10hz (which is not what the AIM website states). I'll have to fully configure the dash tomorrow, log data and see if I can build up some oil pressure (or something) to log. 

Connecting the AIM logger certainly drags down my tuning port. I've yet to try it with terminating the floating RS232. 

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