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Engine stutter/hesitation on boost + log files


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Hello we have a car which has a constant stutter/hesitation when coming on boost in each gear and won't accelerate after that. This problem started when the car did get mapped for the first time by the Vipec tuner but we didn't find the problem yet to solve it.

Everything has been changed for new spare parts + checked several times from coils / injectors / spark plug / leads / sensors / fuelsystem / complete new engine loom builded / other wiring / grounds / other Vipec V44 ECU etc but we still didn't managed to solve the problem with the tuner.
Not sure if it is a problem that can be solved by the Vipec software but hope that somebody could help?

I have 2 log files. First one is the log file where you could see what is happening when going full throttle the problem starts at 4500rpm. Second file is to show that the car doesn't stutter/hesitate when using 1/2 throttle troughout the same RPM range without any boost??
Hope this is enough information?




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Hi Simon thanks for your quick reply!

The map as far as the car has been mapped is added as attachment below.

- Engine is a 2.0ltr 4cyl Ford Cosworth
- BorgWarner EFR turbo
- External wastegate Tial 44mm
- Mac valve boost controller
- Using Vipec internal map sensor
- Injector dynamics 1000cc
- Aeromotive A1000 fuelpump
- 4x LS1 coils

If you need any other information please let me know.

Thanks. Stephan


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Hi Stephan,

I have looked at both the log files and the pcl file (MAP).

The FUEL MAIN table has 100% not been tuned correctly at all as you can see in the attached screen shots.

The reason for the issue is due to excessively and dangerously lean conditions.

If you look at the boost open throttle log you will also notice undulated lines in the RPM trace etc, this is due to the engine simply being that lean it is running so bad the triggers are being effected.

The answer to your problem is you need this engine to be tuned correctly by an experienced tuner.

I am not saying your tuner cant tune, but maybe he is unfamiliar with the ViPEC system.

I strongly advise against driving this car, until the tune is corrected.





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