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G4+ evo 123 plug in help


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My ride is evo 1 and i built it actually mainly for daily driven. When come into choosing management, i get the link g4+ plug in hope to get everything going fine including aircond since like i mentioned just now, i built it for daily driven also. Along the way of installing process and dyno tuning process, everything running well except 2 problem really don't know how to solve.

1.) Aircond problem, the problem is that, when i turn on the aircond, the isv or iavc or choke keep on bounce my rpm between 1000-3000 rpm, even i adjusted it (actually not really know the exact way to adjust) , the frequency and i put the number as 0, it still keep on working and bounce my rpm. The isv or choke is a new unit and it works fine with my oem ecu. Worst thing is , even i off my aircond pclink, the rpm still keep on bouncing. I wonder how this can happen, is it because of CAN problem since my car is old and so does the wiring?

2.) RPM limit,this problem is quite nonsense i face since i am in this motorsport hobby. I already off the boost control in pclink and also the advance rpm limiter. The map and RPM limit are all set according to ECT. RPM limiter is set at 7200rpm at desire ECT .And i have an electronic boost controller to control boost. At low boost 1 bar or about 15 psi, the car run well at rpm cut and limit at 7200 rpm, when high boost at 25 psi, the car suddenly do not have any RPM limiter and we (tuner and i) over rev the car till 9000rpm and we are shocked. and we try again, same thing happen, switch back to low boost 1 bar, everything is fine. I wonder what cause this, the only thing we done before high boost is re adjust the map limiter from 235kpa to 300kpa (so it allow us to boost over 1.35 bar) ..

Really cant find any solution by ourselves and cant drive it safely and daily on street since no aircond (my country always rain) and no RPM limiter when high boost, seriously need help. I appreciate help from all people, Thank you and i attached my pclr file so you can take a look into what is wrong.

evo 3 dyno 4 390 hp 447nm.pclr

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And for more detail, i input DI 1 as  A/C request as written in manual, but the pullup resistor and on level stuff i really don't know how to deal with it, and when i on it, same thing happen mean the choke or isv wont stop bounce my rpm

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New update... aircond problem solve.. the problem is due to aged wiring problem.. stock ecu no problem but link ecu sensitively sense it.. so now the problem is tje rpm limit issue at high boost and a problem i almost forget to mentioned.. a fault code 20... low voltage on ground and i dont know what it mean and how to solve

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go to an volt 4 and turn off the nb oxy function , if your oem nb sensor not working or faulty you should just off the input function.

rpm limit problem you should try to set a lower rpm limit for example 5000 rpm , try on and increase it and see if there is a changes.

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Having a quick look over the map and a short run on the bench the limiting issue is due to your injector duty cycle and the limit being set to fuel cut.

At 250Kpa you are reaching 100% duty cycle on the injectors by 5000RPM if the duty cycle is over 100% the fuel cut limiting will not work.

Dave I suspect will have some suggestions based on the map settings.

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Thank you all for the reply, i hope can solve my problem soon...

Simon, any suggestion to set the rpm limit in my current condition? 

is it possible i use igt cut instead of fuel cut to limit rpm? any risk to engine? or should i upgrade bigger injector or lower my fueling/boost level?

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Hi Peterfook,

well I have had a look at your file and have found a bunch of things wrong.

You seriously have to recheck the FUEL MAIN table and tune it correctly.

The values in the table do not correlate to anything sensible as far as fuel requirements for that engine.

The step in values used from 140 Kpa through to 200 Kpa are massive

Statistics show you have actually run the injectors out to 149.2%.

You need to check your fuel pressure and flow, fill out the injector dead time chart if the values are not for your exact injector.

You can leave the Injector Short Pulse Adder at 0, but I would try to source your Minimum Effective Pulse rate which normally would be in the region of 1.5 to 2 ms.

You have 0, however this wont effect your issue, these are just some pointers.

Your dwell table also appears to be running very high values, this will saturate the coil for to long and when finally discharged will have a similar effect to a degree (pun intended) retarded timing.

Does your vehicle actually run FUEL  PUMP CONTROL, I have personally not had much to do with EVO's, if it doesn't I would be turning the XOVER function of the Fuel Pump off.

What boost controller are you using,it is a lot better to control boost via the ECU but this is your choice.

However standalone or Bleed valve boost control independent to the ECU are effective but nowhere as accurate or controllable as if controlled via the ECU.

Your Ignition Main table is scary.

The values being used are far to retarded and will create massive EGT's, these values will also cause boost pressure increase at those points.

Sorry to say but this Engine requires a full retune.

I am not putting your tuner down, he may not be familiar with this system enough.

I would love to see a log file from this vehicle with AFR /LAMBDA added in the log.

The combination of a Fuel main table being off the scale and a very retarded Ignition table will result in a very unhappy engine indeed.

If your tuner would like some  information or help, he can contact me at [email protected]




Edited by Dave Kriedeman
added information
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Dave, there is no trigger error, few things happen

- fault code 20 which is caused by oem o2 sensor and heater >> solved

- aircond issue caused by aged wiring >>solved

- rpm limit like what simon say, i will just lower down boost level just to be save and not pushing the injector 100% duty cycle

you are very experience dave, we actually running it very rich for safety at AFR below 11 for high boost, reason to do so is due to our octane quality at our country is far more worst than other country, my choice only have Shell and Petronas Ron97 however even with Ron97 , you can see differences in figure and tuning if you switch between these 2, our Ron97 is not like real Ron97 but i don't know why. Instead of AFR, the ignition are being retarded since i suffer to knocking when IAT is high, average IAT is over 56degree Celsius due to hot climate at my place. Even at 15psi, i would rather put AFR at below 12 for my own safety , i had twice the experience when i crack my piston that time when i lean it out at mid 12:mellow:

Nvm, i will inform my tuner regard all the info given and see what we can do.

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attached is my dyno chart for your references.... the final with highest boost level at 1.77 bar i forgot to take picture with AFR but boost level lower than it we have, you can see the AFR we put it super rich at 10+ .. if i am not mistaken during that that time it is still not fine tune, there are still minor knocking at high rev range at 6k till 8k rpm that is why we further retard timing till left 2 degree only (normally evo timing at full load high rev will be around 8-10 degree:o)

take a look dave, one is the final result but forgot to put AFR graph in it, the another with AFR u can see is not fully tuned and lower boost level.. and the AFR is keep below 11 and there is also minor knock at high rev so the tuner further retard the timing till left 2 degree if i not wrong, typical evo if no knocking can go up till 8-10 degree at high rev range 6k-8k rpm...maybe my fuel problem




my engine specs are below

- stock evo head and intake with aftermarket hydraulic lifter ,  hks valve spring and hks 272 cams with hks pulleys

-85.5 cp piston, eagle rods, stock crank stock oil pump with balancing shaft still intact ,acl bearings and ATI damper

-tonka exhaust manifold with hybrid tdo5h 20g,apexi downpipe and apexi n1 cat back

for got to mentioned, fuel pump is DW ,injector are 560cc evo 7 injector with sard regulator set at 3bar during idle.

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