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EVO8 PlugIn Trigger or Ignition issue

iecku.tavea racing

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Hey guys


I currently got a customers evo 8. He build this car on his own but can´t get it running, that´s why it is now on me to do this.

I loaded the basemap for Evo 4-8 on the ecu. Under trigger settings the trigger mode is set to Evo 1-6 in the base map, so I changed it to Evo 7-9 and it runs.

But only on two cylinders. Compression test is ok, all 4 at 9bar and all plugs are wet.

When i test the two coils (wasted spark) i get all 4 plugs to fire. So i am currently a bit confused where the mistake is!?

Perhaps i would do a customs coil on plug setup, but i am not sure if it will solve the problem.

Hopefully one of you guys have an idea?





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