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How to check if alternator is working through ECU


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I had my tuner remote connect to my laptop to connect to my laptop to give me a base tune, during the process he told me my battery wasn't charging. i reconnected my alternator and i want to check if its charging now on my own, how do i check that while I'm connected to my ECU on my laptop?


also where can i get a manual on the link G4+ EXTREME or some tutorials or walk troughs on how to use it for general purposes. 

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Hi TECH12,

While online to the ecu with the engine running , hit the F12 key and this will open the RUNTIME VALUES TABLE,

Go to the Analogue tab on the left a little lower than half way is Battery voltage, rev the engine etc and see what it reads.



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There are a couple of places you can go for Link ECU training. The first is the PCLink help file, this has loads of info on wiring, installation, and tuning. Also, in the PCLink software if you don't know what a setting does you can select it, press F1 and the relevant help page will pop up.

The other option for training is to check out HP academy (https://www.hpacademy.com/). Andre and Ben offer a range of tuning courses including some for the Link ECUs.

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