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typical outputs for wet-shot nos system

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Just before I bundle my new loom up, I want to future-proof just incase I need nos. Typically, how many outputs would I use in a wet-shot system? Would it be 1x NOS, 1x Fuel, 1x Purge solenoid wires on a Deutsche connector right behind my throttlebody/intake manifold? Is there anything on the tank? A pressure sensor?



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Hi Mike,

I've been planning to run a nitrous setup like this:

Aux in - 1600psi Bottle pressure sensor
aux in- arming switch
Aux out - relay to bottle heater
aux out - relay to nitrous solenoid(s)
aux out - relay to purge solenoid

and then run it as a dry shot, activated by a virtual aux that ensures bottle pressure is high enough, arming switch is armed, and it's above a minimum RPM.

Also have a virtual aux that runs the bottle heater if you've armed the system, until the bottle pressure reaches a goal target.

When nitrous activates I was planning on having the ECU switch over to a 2nd fuel map that has RPM and bottle pressure as the axes. As your nitrous flow varies with bottle pressure.

I'm not a fan of a wet shot, because the nitrous delivered changes with bottle pressure but the fuel delivered doesnt. So if you tune it for say 900psi bottle pressure and its spikes to 1000psi you'll run lean.
If you've got enough inputs and outputs, and injector capacity then an ECU controlled dry shot with a pressure map is way superior in my opinion.


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