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S15 G4+ plug-in speed sensor

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Hi There,

I am trying to log my ADM S15's vehicle speed using the ECU logging, however when i use the LR wheel speed (DI5) sensor input it comes up with 0. My speedo and everything works with no issues but it seems as though the ECU cannot read my vehicle speed? I have also tried logging using the laptop reading every sensor and all of the listed vehicle speed sensors had no readings.

Any suggestions? as this limits some of the gear specific mapping and traction control functions i'd like to look into.


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Hi Lobezy,

The information I have says DI5 is normally used for the vehicle speed signal. It may be worth trying to set the Pull-up resistor in the ON and Off positions, and the active edge in the Rising and Falling positions. Try all the different combinations.

You will want to monitor DI5 on the Digital tab of the runtime value window (F12 to open).


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Hi There again,

I had a look at the runtime value window with the car running in gear and there are no readings under DI-5 coming through. not even a pulse. However i still have no issues with speed reading on the factory dash? Do you know if these signals are running in parallel and i have a broken circuit to the ECU (which i have checked around the ECU itself from where i removed the old AVCR that used the speed signal to the ECU with no issues) or may i have an issue with the Link ECU pin setup or pin itself?




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Hi Trento,

Here is the info I have on the speed signal that comes into the ECU:



It looks like the signal goes from the gearbox sensor, to the dash, and then down to the ECU. Pin 32 on the ECU definitely looks correct. Ideally you are going to want to use an oscilloscope to check the signal at the ECU.


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