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Outputs, more choice. 3D shift light


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I have a suggestion regarding the GP output selection- It would be great if you could select a specific GP output, rather than just a condition, > or <. Likewise if you could select a state, such as anti theft (this isn't a drop down option), being active, as you can when it's not set to GP. 

I was hoping to program an existing dash light output to flash when the Anti theft was active (if the car won't start it'd be nice to know it's not the ECU deliberately holding it off, likewise if a GP RPM Limit was active). I would do it by changing the output that's already set (e.g. CE Light) to a GP output, then ideally set condition 1 to CE Light and then condition 2 to a virtual aux, which was set to a timer and anti theft (assuming I can make the virtual aux timer oscillate?). 

The other request is for the shift light to be on a 3d table (gear Vs ECT) so the light will come on in correlation with the RPM limit table. Or as per my above request, it could programmed to shift light or RPM limit. 

Hope that makes sense!?

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Noting I have configured it but not tested it yet as the car is a non-runner, so happy to be told "don't be silly, that will never work"....

Can't you already have a 3D shift light by configuring a GP output as PWM and using the Y axis as ECT?

I've gone a step further (maybe better referred to as "different direction", and pretty unsure if it will work) and basically tried to have different shift lights by gear and also have a lower shift light rpm if ECT < 70* by tinkering with the conditions for the output - see below.

pwm shift light.jpg

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I have one of the Auxiliary Output channels on my G3 configured very much like that.  GP Output, Condition1=ECT<, value=71, Condition2=RPM>, value=3100, Condition3=RPM>, value=5800, SwitchLogic="Cond(1 AND 2) OR 3".

Shift light comes on really early when the engine is cold. :) 

I haven't seen the G4 software but I'm sure it can do the same or similar. 

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