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Nissan Silvia Ecu case alternative


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Hi all,

I was originally going to buy a d-jetro power fc for rps13 180x running a s2 sr20det non vvl, but i came to my senses and brought a  link g4+ plug in from NZEFI, unfortunately i sold my ecu and have not been able to find another as they aren't for sale separately from engine packages, My question is are there any other nissan ecu cases that will fit my link into, i see on trademe there is a rb25det manual turbo case for sale which i plan to purchase if the header plug is the same width and length, any other suggestions, i have asked around tuning shops but they give them back to the owners and wreckers wont hold onto ecu that old


thanks in advance

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Good chance that a lot of Nissan ECUs use the same case. I would check out an ECU for an SR20, should be easily available from a wrecker and not too expensive as there are so many of them. I recommend going down to the wrecker with your Link ECU so you can be sure the case is correct, and so you can show what you are after. Hopefully they may have an old ECU they're wanting to offload for cheap. CA18DE case would be an option also.


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