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boost spike

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Hey guys my ecu is set up so it fuel cuts if the boost spikes I need to increase that threshold by 1-2psi, any help??

I have 4 boost settings as it is controlled by a HKS EVC, 1, 2 & 3 are fine and I can go through the rev range easily, but setting 4 is giving me grief and I fuel cut at 4k rpm



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The top line (-30 to 140) is the Engine coolant Temperature in degrees Celsius. So generally you will restrict the allowed boost level when the engine is cool or hot, and allow maximum boost when the engine is at its normal operating temperature.


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The setting you are looking for is found under Engine Protection>MAP Limit Table 1.  It will most likely look something like below. Try increasing the MAP values that I have highlighted by about 10%.


thanks that done the trick, I'll have to monitor it on another run to make sure the boost settles down after the initial spike..

Your a legend Adamw

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