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hi there. can any body help me . i got the dynojet wide band2 . how 2 wire in g4+ and setting .and the dynojet wideband got 

five wire . 1. rpm ,2.analog input ,3. digital ground , 4.12v ,5.ground.

and got one more questions . my engine is toyota 20v black top . the water temp and intake air temp are diffent . 

now in the g4+ i using the std bosch ntc sensor type . do any person got the two temp cal table in volt or in ohms.

thanks alot  

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The white/violet wire on your wideband controller goes to the sensor ground (Ground out) on the G4+.  The Violet wire goes to any spare analog input on the G4+.  12V and ground are obvious.  You dont need any of the other wires.

Set your analog calibration like this:


As for the temp senors, toyota normally follow the std bosch curve.  What resistance do yours have at room temp?

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thanks alot adamw.

i had key in the table oledi, and try it . but the reading in the g4+ got a bit of diffent from the dynojet wide band on the sreen . 

so the output value B , i key in 1.114 lambda .is i correct or wrong . pls tell me .

 i use a bowling water and a termometer to cal the temp sensor resistance . water temp . 28c 1.639 kilo ohms ,30c 1.540 kilo ohms

40c 0.741 kilo ohms , 50c 0.580 kilo ohms ,60c 0.460 kilo ohms , 70c 0.375 kilo ohms , 80c 0.291 kilo ohms , 90c 0.275 kilo ohms ,

100c 0.186 kilo ohms . air temp . 30c 1.528 kilo ohms , 40c 0.624 kilo ohms , 50c 0.488 kilo ohms , 60c 0.400 kilo ohms ,

70c 0.386 kilo ohms , 80c 0.337 kilo ohms , 90c 0.283 kilo ohms .  is it correct .

 if i using the std bosch ntc the temp will going high . and i using the bosch 0 280 130 017 it will be low a bit from the std bosch ntc .


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Hi liang,

Here are the calibrations for the two sensors you mentioned:


You will see that your test results do not match either calibration exactly. However You are able to enter your test data into a custom calibration table. I suggest using Cal 7, 8, 9 or 10 as they are the most adjustable. You will want to extrapolate the data down and up so you can cover all temp conditions then engine will operate in.

As Adam mentioned, most Toyota's use the Std Bosch calibration.



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