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Arctic Cat 800 CAN ecu question

Arctic Cat 920

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Hi Everyone,

I'm using the Vi-pec V44 ECU on my Arctic Cat 2017 M8000 with a Dakota Performance 920 Big Bore and a Blow turbo kit.  It works great and freaking rocks.  I also have a next stage gauge re-flash which allows me to display AFR and Boost pressure on the stock gauge and it also lets me pull up information like engine coolant temperature,intake air temp, and all kinds of other stuff.  It works great with a stock ECU but its not communicating properly with the Vi-pec ECU so I talked with Stefan at Next Stage Gauge and he has a little CAN box that is very easy to install and will solve all of my problems.  The only thing is I have to wire into the Can Hi and Can low pins of the ECU.  Stefan knows where these are on the Arctic Cat 1100 ECU but not for the 800.  When I pull up the pin outs for the Arctic Cat 800 ecu in the help section it just says this page cannot be displayed.  If anyone knows where I can find some information on where the CAN high and CAN low pins are on the Arctic Cat ECU I could use some help.



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From what I can see from looking at the 2012 Arctic Cat M800 wiring diagram the original ECU never had CAN bus. However on the Vi-PEC M800 ECU we put CAN H and CAN L on some unused pins. Here is the manual for the Vi-PEC M800 ECU:


Page 8 has the pinout diagram.

If you have the V44 wire-in ECU then you can access the CAN bus on the 6 pin round communication port on the front of the ECU:



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