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Tacho wiring with wasted spark,RB25 (ATOM G4+)


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Hi Scotty,

There may be some way to do this, but I don't know it. I guess you would need to double the frequency from ignition one somehow or the tacho would only read half. Can you keep running the tacho off Aux 4 or are you wanting this for something else?

Which pin are you talking about grounding?


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Aux 4 will be dedicated to the tacho. Im in the stages of making a diagram for my car and want to make sure everything will work when it's wired in. As for the grounding pin I'm refering to the one that will ground the tacho.

Is there another way of running the tacho i.e using an inductive clamp off the HT lead plug no. 1? 

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The stock tacho on that engine is run from the factory computer not the ignition system.

So as long as the Atom is running the tacho you should be fine.

There is no need for an inductive clamp.  If the tacho doesn't work for some reason, at most you will need to purchase an MSD tach adaptor which will still be run from the Link Atom Aux out.



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