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Skyline gtr G4+ plugin fuel pump control


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Just after some answers on the base map config file relating to an S2 skyline r33 gtr supplied in PCLink ecu manager.

1/ Aux 6  (pin 18) drives the fuel pump relay and Aux2 (pin 104) is FP speed @200hz  on the OEM FPCM the OEM ecu controls 104 and 106  (aux2 and aux1) Aux 1 is "off" on the g4+ so my question is what is aux 2 's function.  

The FPCM I think either is switched to earth on one and through a ballast resistor on the other to slow pump down.

I run a standard intank pump and a bosch inline/surge tank with separate relay driven by intank relay and just want the intank pump to run full speed.  

just trying to avoid ripping out the back seats and actually bypassing the FPCM or just running pump -ve  to earth?

Also noticed AIT is set up on AN Temp 3. This is on the XS loom. My IAT is on AN temp 2 (pin 36)  easy fix anyway.

Thanks for any help or info !!

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Hi Michael,

This ECU fits a variety of R32 to R34 Skyline sub-models, so some changes can be needed to the base-map. Attached is info for the GTR Fuel pump controller using Aux 1 and Aux 2.

Looking at the info if you leave Aux 1 and Aux 2 off the fuel pump controller will be at high speed.


GTR fuel pump control.pdf

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