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Boost Gauge Aux Out


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So the car is back from being mapped but I had AEM 30-5132 boost gauge which has an output to go to the ecu, I was using the map sensor which comes with the gauge as my main load sensor but the tuner said the reaction time was too slow so he wire the map sensor directly to the ecu rather than being piggy backed from the boost gauge, consequently now the gauge doesn't work. I asked the tuner when I went to pick the car up and he told me about the problem if I would be able to use an aux out from the ecu to give the gauge its signal and he said yes. So I have wired aux 8 to the wire which I believe was the input to the gauge (green wire) but am insure on how to configure it on the ecu? What do I select the output as? GP PMW? Thanks

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No you cant really do this,  What you need is an analog voltage output and the link ECU's don't have this natively.  You could use a PWM signal and use a resistor/capacitor network to smooth it into simulated analog signal but you will need a good understanding of electronics and signals to get that right.

I really cant see any reason why you cant connect both the gauge and ecu to the same sensor?  Have you tried? 

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