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Blank ECU - Where to start?


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The most important thing you need to know first is; is your trigger pattern supported?  I don't know these engines at all but wikipedia suggests they are VVT so they will probably have some odd trigger pattern.  It may match some other Nissan but if the trigger pattern is not supported then you might be in trouble.

As for the base map, just use the standard V88 base map that is included in the software.  First step is to work down the list of inputs and outputs and configure them to suit your wiring.  Next calibrate all sensors and check they are all reading correct.  Disable fuel and do trigger cal.  From there, most of the basic fuel/ign & comp tables already have sensible enough numbers in them to allow most engines to run so you don't need to think about them much.  You would initially only adjust Master fuel number until it runs reasonable.  Once you have it running ok then you need to tune every cell/table.


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Thanks for that info that's great.

I believe they use the Nissan 360 Opto trigger. With a VVT engine I would need a secondary input from the CAS wouldn't I?

I have a Haltech Map, Could I use this to populate the base fuel and ignition? It has the trigger as TB48 though which isn't much help to me.


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If the engine has a nissan 360 opto sensor then you will be ok to run the engine. These normally contain two sensors:

The first looks at the 360 slots on the outside of the disc and gets wired to Trig 1 on the ECU.

The second looks at the inner ring of slots, I expect there to be 6 slots on the TB48, and this gets wired to Trig 2.

If the engine has VVT then it will likely have another cam sensor and this should be wired to DI 1.

The actual numbers from the haltech fuel map will probably not be correct due to differences in fuel equations, but the general shape of the map should be similar and the numbers will make as good a starting point as anything else. If the haltech ignition map is actual degrees BTDC then they should make a good starting point, maybe knock a few degrees off the haltech ignition values to start with as it's better to start conservatively.


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I think you still need to physically confirm triggers, as far as I can see these dont use the normal Nissan 360 CAS. 

They do have a CAS but I think it outputs camshaft position (for the VVL) and some sort of sync signal (but I can find no mention of the pattern).  Most references I could find online suggest they have the crank trigger on the flywheel (nissans terminology CKP or CKPS) but again no mention of number of teeth or pattern.

A good start would be to see if you can find a sensor around the bellhousing area and if so count the number of teeth on the flywheel and its pattern (if all teeth events arent evenly spaced).  Then maybe also take the cover off the CAS and give us a photo of the trigger wheel inside.

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