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Unusual aux output behaviour

Adam Marone

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A little puzzled on this one. I have a g4 storm with Aux 7 currently set up to drive a boost control solenoid (mac valve). After not being able to add boost over normal spring pressure I ran some voltage checks on the Aux 7 output and found this:

Whilst engine off, ignition on;

set to "boost solenoid" @20hz: reads 10.8v

set to "test (on)": reads 0v

set to "off": reads 10.8v


No sure if it's related but whilst moving between these settings I can hear my idle motor click each time (engine not running but ignition on).

Sounds like it might be a wiring issue but not quite sure where to start so any help is appreciated.






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When test is on you should see 0 volts as the drive will be turned on and providing a ground

Off the drive is floating and you will see a voltage.

As you change the state of test on/off you should hear the BCS click

It should have no impact on the ISC.

Are you sure AUX 7 is wired to the BCS?


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