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Convert Map from G4 to G4+


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I've a Nissan VQ35 twin turbo that, after a hiatus, we are attempting to bring back online this racing season. During it's parkup we have replaced the G4 xtreme with a G4+ xtreme. I'm looking to convert enough of the PCLink V4 map to V5 that I might at least start the engine and minimise the load in terms of dyno time.

As the V4 and V5 software are exclusive to the G4 and G4+ platform respectively,  I wondered if there was either a conversion program or any other method (other than a manual copy of parameters and a series of copy and paste) to transfer the map from one platform to another. 

Regards, Daniel. 

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Hi Daniel,

Do the following:

1. Save the G4 base-map to your hard drive from the G4 ECU.

2. Install the G4+ ECU.

3. Turn the key on, but do not start the engine. Connect to the G4+ ECU with PCLink V5.6.4 (our current release).

4. Load the base-map from the G4 ECU (on your hard drive) into the G4+ ECU. Store the base-map to the ECU (F4 key).

4. Update the firmware in the G4+ ECU by clicking ECU Controls > Update Firmware. Select the firmware 5.6.4.

5. After the firmware upgrade is finished go through all the settings and check them. The G4+ has a lot of new settings and these need to set to sensible values.



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Thanks for the reply Scott. However the base map is stored in PCLink 4.9.3. (what I was referring to V4 above) the latest PCLink V5.6.4 supports firmware from V5.0.0 to V5.6.4, as such will not load (displays "unable to open" my old base map, your step 4. 

Cheers, Daniel. 

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