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help setup for 7MGTE stock ignitor


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Hello need help with setup of link g4+ storm on a 7MGTE Engine using stock igniter.

The engine starts but is not working properly, seems it only do spark on one cilinder when the engine used to do it in both at same time.

Does anyone can see what I fail wiring or setting up? 

Does it worth use the stock igniter of 7MGTE or fit a DH61 from 2JZGTE VVTI?


My setup nowadays is...

NE to Trig1

G1&G2 to Trig2

IGT to Ign1

IGDA to Ign2

IGDB to Ign3


Trigger Scope







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Thanks for the detailed info on the igniter.

Trigger 2 should only be connected to G1 or G2 but not both.

The stock igniter is not compatible with the Link you will need to change this out for a basic 3 channel igniter a Bosch 0-227-100-203 would be a really good choice.


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