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innovate lc1 wideband calibration


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hello i m using link g4 plugin for mr2 3sgte

i just installed innovate lc1 into my car its working fine into the guage but it doesnt seems to be working fine in my link logs the values doesnt match even i have selected innovate lc1 wideband from the list kindly let me know how to figure it out thank you 

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as scott said i have to use the yellow wire from the lc1 yes i used the yellow  wire and yes i used analog volt 5 as my wideband from he ecu 
and yes simon it is innovate lc1 and i selected innovate lc1 as link has added the lc1 calibration  i have connected the  brown wire to my wideband guage and yellow wire to the ecu the readings are like when guage reads 12.5 and ecu reads like 8 afr  so i tried changing the wires i connected my ecu wire to the brown wire were i was already in use with the guage and now it reads 13.5 in guage and 14.5 in ecu 
not sure its a wiring issue or calibration

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Ok the reason is because on a LC1 the YELLOW WIRE IS THE 0-1V narrow band by default.

Get a USB to serial (RS232) converter (a decent one) and download the logworks software and LM-programmer and re-program the analog 1 (YELLOW) to be

0v =7.35, 5v=22.39


OR just plug the BROWN WIRE into the ecu lambda 1.



Make sure you have wired the SENSOR ground to the SENSOR ground of the link.

DO NOT just join the power ground and sensor ground wires together from the LC-1.

P.S Do a free air calibration with the sensor pulled out of the exhaust

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