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how to set up link plug in b16a coil on plug

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If installing individual coils with built in ignitors they will be wired like this:


If you have coils with out built in ignitors you will need an external ignitor channel between the ECU ignition outputs and each coil.

The factory B16A distributor pickups will work fine for direct spark ignition. 

Why do you want to use the mitsubishi trigger system? How many sensors does it have and how many toothed wheels? How many teeth on each wheel?


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i'm already follow the diagram but on coil cilynder 1 i just used a21pin, but my engine couldn't start i must connect the a22 or there is a problem with ecu setting?

plese help sir, i'm newbie with linkecu

and my tuner ask can you give me a picture of ecu setting with individual coil?

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You only need to connect to one of the cylinder 1 pins (A21 or A22).

If you are running 4 coils, each with a built in ignitor then I would expect your ignition setup to be something like this:


On the honda the spark edge is normally 'Rising', but if you have removed the factory ignitor and coil then I expect it to now be Falling.

If you can not get the engine to start then attach your base-map and a short PCLog of you trying to start the engine. 


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8 hours ago, OSF2004 said:

This is very helpfull.. Thanks A Lot Scott. I will do this setup for My H23.
does it run with the stock distributor? so i dont have to change the  the distributor with mitsu like Meshend does

Correct, stock distributor is fine as a trigger for full sequential & COP.

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On 1/13/2017 at 1:46 AM, mashend said:

hello,as per title.. i have civic link 95 plug in. and i want to install individual coil. how to connect to ecu.

i have coil k20 and the trigger from mitsubishi. how to install until finish? and how to set up from ecu?

thank you

from indonesia.


How did you wire that 4 pin jack back to the ecu? What pins did you use for the ecu output

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