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1jz non-VVTi base map help

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Hi, we've recently installed a Link G4+ Fury on our S13/1jz swap. 

We'd used a 2jz basemap from online to fire up the ECU and test the coilpacks and injectors were all firing (in test mode). All worked ok. 

However, when we tried cranking the engine to start - injectors and coils won't fire. We suspect it was crank angle sensor trigger wheel settings, and tried a couple of settings found online but made no difference. Engine turned, just no spark or fuel. 

Does anyone have a basemap for a 1jz non-VVTi that we could try to just get the engine running before we take it to a tuner for mapping? Want to ensure no fuel/oil leaks or other issues first before going to Dyno. 

Engine spec;

1jz Non-VVTi

650cc Injectors

VAG coilpacks

Holset HX35 turbo

Obviously running Link MAP sensor etc. 

Thanks in advance. This would help us confirm whether we've got a crank sensor issue or if it's something more basic in the map. 

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Attached is a file from a Fury with your map loaded. I have turned off gear cut as this was on in our base map by mistake.

Suspect it could be ECU hold power causing the lack of triggers. You need to check that Di 2 is seeing an ignition switch signal.

If not using ECU hold then make sure you turn off Inj drive 8 so that it is not set as ECU Hold power.

katie gearcutoff.pclr

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