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Clearing the Errors after firmware update ver 4.4.1 or later

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Firmware version 4.4.1 or later has a totally new way to report errors. Errors are displayed at the top of the screen in a red bar. To clear errors that are not current press the Esc key. To see a list of all the errors press the E key.

If there is a current error it cannot be cleared until you fix the cause of the error. The error bar will cycle through the list of current errors.

When you do a firmware update to 4.4.1, you will get various errors relating to analog inputs. The reason for these errors is the software now has minimum and maximum values you need to set correctly. If you do not set them correctly the ECU will use the limp home value and the engine may not run correctly. If you have errors reported for a analog input, then set the min to 0.0 and the max to 5.0.

After you have them all set, use the new Clear ECU Memory errors to remove them.

Also you have to clear the PC error history, by pressing the E key and clicking the Clear button.

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