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Vipec control 5Amp PWM


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I am looking at adding a Meth injection to my V2 Subaru WRX. i have the V44 plug-in vipec ECU

I want to use an Output to control a PWM injection Solenoid. as seen here DO Meth Solenoide DO Meth Kit

I would like to use the ViPEC to control it and I will save me $110 i can use for something else...

It says it pulls 4.75 amps.  can i run that right off of an output. or will i need some sort of solid state ralay or something else to control it.

I'm thinking 5 amps is to much for the ViPec to pull right from the ECU. what do you think. i have looked all over and cant find any specs on this.

any help would be appreciated.


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