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Supra Link and Traction Control Light


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Hey guys

As far as I understand it, the supralink doesn't support traction control with the factory system.  

My actual concern is that the TC light on the dash blinks constantly driving me nuts, and the main warning light is on (due to the traction control I believe).  Short of pulling both bulbs, is there a setting in the ecu I can use to switch that off, or a resistor I can wire in someone to make the whatever is causing the light to trigger think everything is fine?

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It looks like there is a fair few signals between the OEM ECU and the traction control ECU. Our ECU does not replicate these signals, and I expect this is why the dash light is blinking. I think there are only two options to have the light go out. The first is to remove the bulb, and the second is to take control to the wire that controls the bulb, and wire this to aux output on the Link ECU. Then set the Link ECU to have the light on with zero rpm, and turn it out with RPM > 1.


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