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o2 sensor rb26


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Hi, Probably a stupid question but I'l ask anyway..

Just converted my r32 gtr to a single turbo. What o2 sensor should I use? The lsu49? Do I even need an o2 sensor??

From factory the car uses 2 sensors so I just assume I leave one unplugged?

I like the idea of a wideband so the ecu can keep things safe.





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It is nice to have a wideband O2 sensor permanently installed and wired to the Link ECU. This allows you to monitor the AFR/Lambda with PCLink or an aftermarket dash. It also allows you to run closed loop lambda as a form of protection. The LSU 4.9 sensor is what we use with the wideband controllers in our ECUs and for the CAN-Lambda unit. If your ECU does not have a built in wideband O2 controller then you will need one of these also.


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