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Turbo Honda blackbird ecu


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Hi Dave,

I usually find missing tooth wheels to be less troublesome.  if you go to 12-1, you want the missing tooth to be near either 90°BTDC or 90°ATDC - it doesnt matter which.  The position of the cam tooth is not particularly important you just dont want it to occur at the same time as the missing tooth.


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Thanks for the reply ,sorry for the slow response unfortunately the chassis was delayed .We are experiencing some trigger issues .The engine is fitted with VR cam and crank sensors but runs very rough and shows around 40 degrees of timing scatter also when checked the crank trigger we see a different pattern on our separate scope (please see attached images)

Will be grateful for any advise 





reverse crank.jpg

please find start up cal

nick start.pclr

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Looking at your file you have the trigger 1 and 2 both set to Optical/Hall sensor type.

From the scope image these need to be set as Reluctor

In the second trigger scope the polarity of the crank signal is incorrect.



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In your post above you have two trigger scopes from a link ecu.  One shows a 36-1 wheel so I dont think that came from your bike.

The other one that shows the 12-1 pattern it shows trigger 1 has been wired with the wrong polarity.   Even though your cool old school "tv screen" shows it opposite I would believe the link trigger scope.

Can you post another triggerscope once you have changed the trigger settings as per Simon's post - I suspect you are going to have to swap wires on the crank sensor too.  

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