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g4+ Logging


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So how much logging does the g4+ range actually have??

With a EVO1-3 plug in it is advertised as "Up to 32Mbit internal logging memory". But in reality the largest log achievable seems to be 8MB - & with only 60 channels logged it gives a pitiful 17 minutes logging time.

Also it takes forever to down load a log this size - but I spose through a on board serial to usb converter it would be slow.

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Scott beat me to it, I had a similar reply half written...

There are 8 megabits in a megabyte.

However in my experience even in fairly complex applications this is plenty with proper consideration of logging rate for each channel.   You should be able to achieve much more than 17mins with 60ch of typical parameters.  Most temp sensors for instance will only need 0.5 or 1Hz.  Many others such as wheel speed, aux outs etc don't need anymore than about 10Hz.  25Hz is plenty for most of the critical engine/fuel parameters.  You should only need 50 or 100Hz for a few select channels or when you are chasing a specific problem.  I have never noticed the downloads to be slow - from memory it only seems like maybe 30 seconds for a full log?  How long is yours taking?

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That could very well been seen as false advertising - at best its seemingly deliberately misleading. 99.9% of people wouldn't have a clue on the difference between Mb & MB and take it on face value. All other ecu brands that I can think of advertise their logging in MB.

Logging has always been painfully slow to down load on the old g4 platform, thought it might have got a bit better with the g4+, but piping it through an old fashioned serial to usb converter is the ultimate limit I spose. 

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