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G4+ Extreme CAN coms with Racepak IQ3

eff xr6t

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I am looking to run a Racepak dash and have done a lot of research looking for information with running these dashes with the link ecu but I'm unable to find anything with a definite answer to what I'm looking at.

Option 1- buy the standard IQ3 Display dash from racepak and purchase the racepak Universal EFI CAN communition cable which comes with the ridiculous price tag of $375 for the cable and the normal $1000 for the display dash..

Id rather not have to purchase the CAN adapter with the stupid price tag so ive got a question for the engineers. Haltech have their version of the racepak which runs directly off their CAN network with just a connection cable not needing the racepak CAN adapter. So is there anyway that I can output the data on the can bus at the same rate as Haltech do so I can run a Haltech IQ3 dash and not need to purchase the expensive cable?


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From my hours of googling to find information I have found that haltech use the same CAN data stream as AIM do and aim have the can data on their dash setup for link so I guess I could use this.




i would like to do it this way as if I can do it it will mean I can display more parameter that the Universal adapter won't allow.

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The Aim dashes use Link ECU's "Generic Dash" CAN data stream. It is no problem to make the G4+ Xtreme transmit this. 

What I do not know is how you would connect the CAN bus (CAN H and CAN L) to the Racepak without their V-net Module. The manual for the IQ3 doesn't appear to give any clues to the pinout of the V-net connector.


My understanding (which could be wrong) is that the 'Haltech IQ3' has an inbuilt V-net module, and so does not need an external v-net module. Where-as the 'Racepak IQ3' requires an external V-net module.

If you find out which pins on a Racepak IQ3 are for CAN connection (if there are any) then it might be possible to get communication happening without a v-net module.


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Yep I can get access to the pin out for the Haltech Racepak dash to know which pins are the CAN Comms. I will find it on my lunch break and post.

Im waiting to see if Haltech reply to my email regarding the protocol they use.

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Good work.

Ok, so you will need to wire the CAN H from the Link ECU to the white wire, and the CAN L from the Link ECU to the black wire.

I have prepared a Link CAN Stream file to test if this is going to work. The file contains the Haltech CAN ID 360. Here is what the Haltech data sheet says:


Here is how you will set up the Mode tab of the Link's CAN setup window:


In the Mode tab select the CAN Module you have wired to the IQ3. Set the CAN ID to 864. The haltech data sheet uses a hexidecimal CAN value of x360, the Link ECU decimal equivalent is 864.

Then move to the Streams tab of the CAN setup window, click on 'Stream 1' in the the left side of the screen then click the 'Load Stream' button. 

Now select the file attached to this post, and load it in.

Now click the little arrow beside the word 'Stream 1' and you will see Frame 1, click this.

You should now have your screen looking like this:


Click Apply, and the OK. Now perform a store on the ECU.

All going well you should now be able to see Engine speed, MAP, and TPS on the dash.

Let me know how this goes. Once this is successful I can setup some more Link CAN stream files for you.


CAN ID 864.lcs

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I have just finished wiring in a Storm ECU with a Haltech Racepak dash. I will test this tomorrow and see how it works. I also have a Pre-Haltech IQ3 at my disposal. The Pre-Haltech unit was working just fine on a Haltech Sport 1000 ECU without an interface module so I imagine they are the same electronically.

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With this configuration I cannot get anything to display on the Racepak. Another side note is that when the dash is connected to the CAN wiring I lose communication with the Xseries wideband that is currently running on the CAN system. 

AEM uses a bit rate of 500Kbit/s, the Dash uses 1Mbit/s, you cannot have different bit rate devices on the same CAN bus. You will have to run these on separate buses provided your ECU has two.

Try it again without the AEM connected.

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Thanks Adam. I didnt catch the 1mbit part. I guess I should have been paying closer attention. I will give it a go again on Monday. Its a Storm so I dont have the pleasure of two can bus controllers. I guess its analog for the X series.

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Forgot to say thanks!
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      This dash was previously run on a Haltech Sport 2000. It should be configured for the V2 CAN protocol. I do not have the comms cable at the moment but I know you have to scan the vnet for channels. May have to try that. Other than that I may be able to get a dash to you guys. I will talk to the owner of the other dash. He is going to be running a thunder so its in his best interest.

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Cheers for trying this out blaine. Last time I did a setup with the iq3 on a haltech I had to use the racepak datalink program and do the read vnet config and setup with that before I got any display on the dash this was with a out of the box haltech dash on a ps2000 so could be worth ago. I think the cable was just a Mini USB connecton like most small digital cameras if you might have one lying around. I may be abe to test this out myself in the next couple of days if I can borrow my mates iq3 for abit.

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I may have some more info on this issue. Apparently the pre-haltech units worked off of the Haltech V1 CAN protocol. This uses different ID's than the V2 protocol although everything else seems the same. I will be testing it tomorrow.

Haltech CAN Protocol Document v1.1.pdf

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Could I request a bit of help with setting up the G4+ CAN with the V1 protocol? I have tried myself but still no function.  Included also is the AIM protocol that the Haltech V1 protocol is based off of. I am likely doing something wrong. Thanks guys!

AIM CAN protocol.pdf

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I have spoken with some colleagues who are more knowledgeable about the Haltech IQ3 CAN V2 units. They evidently require some handshaking between the ECU and dash unit. This would explain the non-functionality with the Link stuff. Looks like this will not be a possibility. At least not without some firmware adjustments to the G4+ hardware. I was told though that Racepak will flash units back to V1. This however does limit the amount of compatible channels.

Blaine Carmena

Carmena Performance

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