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flex fuel setup


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hi guys have had a tune with flex fuel before which i saved to a file after my engine blew up and have been running a runner engine which i have been playing with tuning without the risk of blowing up my good engine i have now reloaded the previous tune and pretty much adjusted the petrol tune almost to where i want it.so do i then tune with e85 then will the PC interpolate the blend or is this only in the g4+ ecu i noticed the AFR target map has been setup with RPM and Ethanol on the axis is this what is used to mix the fuel mix,boost is setup using ethanol & RPM i have set the MAP limit to 260kpa which i hope will limit boost ? @ 22kpa

question do i need to run 4d and 5d maps to run the e85 otherwise how do i run different fuel and ignition for e85

could you look at my cold start takes a long time when cranking to start cold i tried to add a log thanks

i have also set up a clutch switch for launch control could u glance at this and see if the setup is safe i haven't adjusted the rpm yet on the new engine but are heading to Tokoroa drags on the 25th Feb 17 so will have to look at it I'm looking at running more boost with e85 which i just set on the current waste-gate duty cycle 

Thank You

new engine dt tune dont delete and idle.pcl

cold start file cheers Ross

do the g4+ Black storm ecu's not run id1000 type injectors as they are high impendance injectors is this correct and do they plug into the same wiring harness for easy upgrade from g4 to g4+ i have the g4 extreme

Log 6-02-17 9;00;10 pm.llg

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On the g4 you need to have 4D and maybe 5D tables active and these will act as a trim based on the % ethanol

Ill let the tuners out there advise on the tuning side.

The G4+ Storm will happily run high impedance injectors, The pinout is the same so is an easy upgrade from a G4.


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