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toyota 20v idle going crazy

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i using g4+ ecu blue . when i start the engine is 1000rpm engine timing is 10 ( timing gun ) . y suddenlly the idle going up to 1300rpm the engine timing may be 30 or 40 .

 the ignition table 1 i put 0 . and the ignition correction i off it . can any ppl help me solve my problem . 

if i need to do again the wiring . o other . 


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The is a small artifact on your trigger 2 waveform that maybe causing a false reset.  Is there some some bump or piece of metal on the trigger wheel that comes close to the sensor when it shouldnt that causes this?   You might be able to increase arming voltage to ignore it, or find out what is causing it and fix it. 


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Adamw,  IF that was some erroneous tooth on trig 2, why does the polarity seem to change from the typical tooth to the erroneous one?

I don't know what these CAS look like inside to have a good theory on that - Maybe it is a "hollow" rather than a "bump"?  If the OP cant see any reason for it then it will just take some careful setup of the arming thresholds to work around it.

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Yep that extra pulse / wave would be the result of a dip in the base circle of the trigger wheel. 

Provided the arming voltage is above its peak voltage it would be ignored by the ECU. Fortunately at this RPM there is plenty of room but this could change as the RPM increases.

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