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Injector Dynamics 1050x - Which compensation tables to use?

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Hello guys. Just bought these injectors: http://injectordynamics.com/injectors/id1050x/

If you go to the "Plug and Play Data" tab in the page you have some downloads. I know that the ones we are looking for G4+ modelled equation are the GM tables. They have 2 files available:

ID1050x GM Characterization Tables – EFI Live – Updated 11-29-2016
ID1050x GM Characterization Tables – HP Tuners – Updated 11-19-2016

Both have similar data, including Short pulse width adder and other compensation factors. Which ones do you recommend using and are available to use with the G4+ ecus? (i own a g4+ xtreme black) Can you have a look at their excel files?


Kind regards

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Use the HP tuners info. It is much easier to understand when inputting the data into the g4+. Use the 0 kpa row in the offset voltage and look at the volts on the left hand side to choose the offset correctly. The small pulse width offset use the correct table of the 2. Copy and paste into the Link G4+ section for small pulse width offset. The rest is pretty easy from there. Hope this helped.

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