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Link CANBUS Lambda issues running on Thunder ECU


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We have an issue with a Link CANBUS Lambda I feel it is something with data-rate/communication as the Lambda unit needs connecting to battery 12v to make it work , connecting it to a ignition switched live stops the unit outputting any data ( no canbus faults shown in CAN F12) We are also using the same canbus trunk to run a Race Tech Dash and this works all the time and removing this item from the canbus set up does not allow the Lambda unit to work. We are using a Link Lambda unit on a Thunder ECU.  car was designed to run a earlier Link ECU (Extreme) before the Thunder was released so we specced the car with a Link Canbus Lambda and not to use the Lambda set up to drive the LSU connected direct to the Thunder.

Software sees the CANBUS unit in the CANBUS folder under CAN devices and with the unit connected to the battery we get data from the unit.

We are using Firmware 3240 as when we built the map we couldn't get the motor to run using dual fuel maps turned on. We have since not used the dual maps in the tune but it will be needed at a later date ( Simon said there was a bug in the software with the latest firmware that prevent any injector output when dual maps are used as overlay)


CAL file is attached













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What do you mean it works when connected to a battery but not when connected to a switched power source? Surely that indicates a power supply issue?  When "connected to a battery" do you get a valid reading in pclink or are you just looking at data on a scope or something?

yes dual fuel tables don't work in overlay mode in 5.6.5.  It will be fixed in the next release of if you need it sooner you can downgrade to 5.5.7.

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sorry my post was a little miss leading.

The Link Canbus Lambda will only output data when it is connected direct to the said cars battery.

it is a race car, battery cut out controls the negative side of the battery to kill the power.

If the Link Canbus lambda picks power up from from anywhere other than the battery we don't get any data outputted.

There is 0.1volt difference from the battery positive terminal to anywhere else we have tried to power the Link Canbus Lambda from. Canbus lambda unit only takes a max of 1.2amps to warm the sensor then drops to 0.8amp once outputting data.

As I said if we connect the Link Canbus to the positive terminal of the battery we see data from the Canbus Lambda. We have tried to Canbus units as well.

Very strange 






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Yes sorry for the slow replies, i'ts very busy here since Simon is away.

The only logic I can place to what you have described is a power supply problem.  The Lambda device doesnt have any way of sensing what part of the car it is connected to so it can only be current or voltage that is missing?  How about trying a single jumper wire straight from the battery - one side at a time to work out if it is the positive or negative side that it is not happy with.


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at the moment we have the Power 12V+ connected straight to the Battery this is the only way we can get it to work. It isnt a 12V - issue as w ehave tried this as well.

Tom from 1320 mini was saying they have an issue where as they can only see lambda if the Can is set up to show Lambda 2 not lambda 1 , I have not tried this yet to confirm it could be our issue.


thanks for you time Adam. 





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Adam, at the moment we just have the CAN Lambda just connected to the Battery direct as the car is a competition car we aren't worried about this as the heater is turned off when the motor isn't running.

We have spoken about removing the CAN Lambda and running the lambda direct to the Thunder thou. Once I have a little more time I will have a think on this.


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