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Wiring question - Which grounds to use?


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I am wiring in a Link G4+ storm ECU with the A & B loom and i am having some trouble with the pin out labels, I have solved some questions searching for forum but still have a few more.


1. There are 4 x 'GROUND' terminals in the ECU pin out, 2 per plug (A & B).  However the wiring diagrams only require 2 connected to the engine block.  Does it matter which 2 you use?

2. There is also 2 x 'GND OUT', 1 per plug, I have learnt from the forum this is actual 'Sensor GND'.  Does it matter which one you use?

3. Similar with 'Sheild/ground'.  Does it matter which you use?



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        Connect ALL 4 power grounds to the engine block. These are the highest current wires on the ecu. As for the sensor ground it does not matter which you use. Depending on how you wire it in it may get crowded on just one sensor ground. Usually I wire all the main engine sensor grounds to one and try to save the other for future addition as its a lot easier to crimp on a pin and plug something in than splice in. It also does not matter which shield/gnd you use. I have always been curious as to why they are labelled as Shield/gnd on the pinout but seeing as they use the same color wire as standard GND out I am going to assume they connect to the same internal sensor ground bus.


Blaine Carmena

Carmena Performance

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