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SupraLink Aux Outputs


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CAn anyone advise me on any useable aux outputs on the supralink?

I have a pair of electric fans i would like to wire for the ecu to control but im unsure whether there are any spare aux outputs i can use



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Aux 9 on the expansion connector is available.

Aux 10 is controlling the purge solenoid, you could use this if you eliminated that.

Aux Inj 7 is controlling the O2 sensor heater for the stock narrow band. Could use this if not using the sensor.

Aux Ign 8 is controlling the fuel pressure increase solenoid.  Could use this if you just run the vac line from the manifold straight to the FPR.


All this information is in the help file under G4+ plug in installation manual> pin functions> supralink

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