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Water meth


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I currently have en e30 turbo running 440bhp 480ftlb but it's knock limited at the moment. I have been looking into water meth kits seeing as I am knock limited due to compression but wondered what sort of gains would be realistic from water meth? Is it worth it? I have been looking at the aquamist kit as is seems good quality and read about a turbo s54 that gained 180whp with it running meth due to the engine still being really high compression so it got me thinking I might see good gains from meth, maybe 50bhp? Thanks 

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Yes I would think if you are having to run very conservative timing and/or boost due to knock then you should see a healthy gain from WI.  Probably not a big difference to peak power but certainly you should see a good jump around peak torque where cylinder pressures are highest.

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My experience with water methanol injection.

Mine is a different engine setup, but a good example of an effective system.

For high compression boosted engines that need to run on regular pump fuel, water meth injection is definitely worth the effort in my opinion.

I am running a positive displacement supercharger pushing 15psi into a stock 4.0L inline six on pump 98 fuel, no intercooler.

I use it for both knock suppression and intercooling.

I can't say what the hp/torque difference is with water meth, as I loose so much I have never bothered to find out. 

Without the water meth operating I have to halve boost, add fuel and pull close to 5 degrees of timing out, and still get knock if I try to push it. (Intake temps climb at an alarming rate too which makes it worse).

The Link ecu can be used to control the whole system, with failsafes, and allows you to be very imaginative with your setup.

I use a 3D DC table to pulse a high speed solenoid like an injector which allows me full control over when the system becomes active and how much is injected. 4D fuel and ignition maps are also enabled when the system is active.

I also have a pressure sensor hooked up to monitor system pressure and enable failsafes if there is a problem. 

The pump is also switched on by the ecu and only active when required. This is much better than PWM pump control which most systems use because full pump pressure means better atomization. Recirculating bypass pumps are best.

I'm looking at upgrading my setup soon, using a fuel injector for even better control.




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