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What is he difference between engine coolant temp and cylinder head temp? I currently have my ect from a sensor that goes in the cylinder head, is this right or should the ect be one that comes from a temp sensor in the radiator? Just wondered as I have my fans set up off my ect which comes off the cylinder head but I have been told I should have them off a switch in the radiator instead? But I was thinking I could just out a temp sensor in there and still have them controlled off the Ecu. Thanks 

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There is a difference in the sensor location as well as what the sensor is measuring.

Most cars will have the coolant temp sensor(CTS) in the cylinder head or the thermostat housing to measure coolant temp of the water coming out of the motor.

Some cars and bikes actually have a cylinder head temp(CHT) sensor.  This sensor doesn't go into the coolant but merely measures the temperature of the material of the head.

There are quite a few cars that will have a CTS in the head or thermos housing, and then also have a fan switch in the radiator end tank.


Easiest way to tell if the sensor in the head is a CTS or CHT is to remove it and see if there is coolant in the port where it goes.

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