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CAN stream data for MicroTech


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I wanted to remove clutter and simplify the wiring around my car and so I have decided to remove all my current gauges and displays and my have my Link G4+ plug-in to handle all sensor inputs and output everything through CAN to a central display. Currently, I do not have the budget to afford a full dash/logger system so have opted for the Microtech LTC dash instead. The critical data I needed to be displayed were Lambda, Oil pressure, Oil Temp, ECT, EGT and MAP.

I've got everything setup following the settings contained in the PCLink help files specific for the Microtech LTC and sending data using the preset CAN stream for the Microtech LTC. Everything else worked like a charm but not oil temperature and EGT. Values for Oil T. and EGT1 are being displayed as zero on the display even though Oil temperature and EGT (0-5V) values are being shown in the PCLink software. Are such data supposed to be carried though the preset CAN stream or do I need to make some customisation for it? As stated in the PCLink help file, the stream should conform to the "MicroTech Automotive CAN Protocol Version 2.0 specification" which I assume should carry all the parameters supported by Microtech ECU and displays which should oil temp and EGT? Is there anyway for me to edit this CAN stream to make it work?

Alternatively I've tried using generic dash CAN stream and changing the display mode on the Microtech display to Link CAN mode. It is more fiddly to configure but seems like I was able to get the oil temperature displayed on the dash this way. However but for some other parameters that was previously working under the Microtech CAN steam such as lambda and oil pressure, readings were showing erratic or zero vales. By the time I've switched over to the generic dash stream, mosquitos were arriving in horde around the parking lot. After getting bit multiple times, I had to call it a day and flee. So results on the generic CAN stream were inconclusive and I'll need to spend a little more time to play with the setting to see how it goes.

I NEED to know my oil temperature as it often overheats when I am at the track so I need warning from the display so that I know when to slow down and give the car a rest. EGT does not matter too much.

If standard stream won't work, a custom CAN stream for Aux #1 to #4 on CAN Id 20 should work I guess? I have never tried doing anything custom on CAN so it will take me some time to investigate and learn how to do it.


Thank you!


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The "MicroTech Automotive CAN Protocol Version 2.0 specification" is very limited and doesnt include oil temp or EGT.  I will send a copy via PM FYI.

I have contacted both Microtech NZ and AU for more info on the CAN ID's and format for the EGT's in the past but have never had any reply from either.  

I dont know how configurable the CAN is at the Dash end because I cant even get the stupid software to install on any pc I've tried...  But if it is freely configurable at LTC end then you should be able to conquer it.

Our Generic dash stream doesnt transmit EGT either so that is probably not going to be much more use.  If you can learn anything more about the EGT ID's or format I can possibly help you put something together at the Link end.   

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Thank you Adam, the information was extremely helpful.

Tried a couple things today:

1. Just had another attempt connecting to the dash under Link CAN mode transmitting under the generic dash stream and realised I was previously somehow transmitting another user stream under the same ID and was causing a conflict. Once I switched off that interfering channel everything was ok and the additional parameters from the generic dash stream were showing up on the display (including my very much needed oil temperature). Interesting thing to note though; under the Link CAN/Generic dash mode, all pressure values were being displayed as gauge pressure rather than absolute pressure as in Microtech LTC mode.

2. Returning to Microtech LTC mode on the display, I broadcasted a separate channel under CAN ID 20 transmitting the Oil temp and EGT values under the data bits for Aux 1 and Aux 2 alongside the preset Microtech LTC dash stream, I was able to see the oil temp and EGT displayed under Aux 1 and Aux 2 with the dash set to Microtech LTC mode along with the other values transmitted under the Microtech protocol. The draw back of this method though is I don't get the proper label for the oil temp and EGT values and on to of that, as the Aux channels are configured to display values up to 65536, the font size were shrinked to accommodate space required for a 5 figure value.

3. Although I have managed to get oil temp and EGT displayed using the above method, I preferred to have the pressure value displayed as gauge pressure rather than absolute pressure. Generic dash stream was able to achieve that but it does not carry EGT data so I went ahead and made my custom streams based on the Microtech protocol from Adam. By sending MGP to the MAP data bits and also giving the correct offset to the MGP and other pressure parameters, I was able to get everything converted to gauge pressure on the display.

My only concern is the transmit rate of 25Hz was not an option under PC link so my custom streams were transmitting at 20Hz rather than the 25Hz that the dash is expecting under the Microtech protocol. However, during the short period that I was testing, it seemed fine.

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I've done it!

The basic information for EGT communication were publicly available on their website all along! Seems like we have just overlooked it!

The user manual for their CAN EGT module actually carried information for their CAN setup within the wiring diagram on the very last page!

However can ID was actually given in HEX format so their CAN ID of 018 and 019 actually represented 24 and 25 in PCLink. As for the parameter format, it was straight forward enough to guess following the same logic as the Microtech Protocol. EGT 1 to 4 was carried by CAN ID 24 anf EGT 6 to 8 was carried by CAN ID 25 in a single frame. All eight bytes of data are used for carrying parameter values and all parameters are sent in sequence as 16bit unsigned numbers MS first and needs an offset value of -50 from PCLink.

For this to work, the display must be in MicroTech mode though.

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