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G4 Extreme wont restart when hot


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Hi all, I have a G4 extreme in my rally car and if I turn the engine off after a stage, I can not restart engine, all power supplies are good, fuel pump not being primed. let cool down or cool down with a damp rag and will start. No faults while running. Is there a protection device in the ecu for over temp. it is mounted on a panel on transmission tunnel witch does not feel too hot. Any ideas please!!!

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Something is not happy if the fuel pump is not priming.  I'm not sure if there is in fact a thermal safety device or logic in the ecu as I've never been asked that before but temperature could very well an issue.

Can you try to get a log of this behavior so we have a few more clues to work with.  There is a quick instructional video of how to do a PC log here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A  This video is actually demonstrating on a G4+ but I think a G4 should be similar enough that you can work it out.

You can then email the log and .pcl file to: BGfzSPG.png   

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