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evo9 p&p


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i have install the ecu and do the tps calibration and map sensor setup the engine start but it's has misfire some how i lock at the spark plug , coil , injector , crank sensor , cam sensor all work fine the rpm in the log gose from 1000rpm to 6000rpm when car is idling      

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Hi Amin,

The unstable RPM suggests you have a trigger error.  Has the engine been apart?   I have seen this when the chopper disc on the crankshaft has been installed back to front or when the phasing of the cam disc is out due to aftermarket cams, sprockets etc.

Can you do a trigger scope at idle and post that and a copy of your .pclr here so I can compare it to the expected pattern.


Also, in our latest Evo 9 basemap there is a mistake, the pullup resistor on DI1 is turned off. It is meant to be turned on so please check yours is turned on and if not turn it on (this is not related to your trigger problem but will make it run funny). 

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