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Accel load correction


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The values in the accel load correction table "accel load correction (%)".

"acceleration enrichment will not exceed the value set by the Accel Clamp Table x Accel Load Correction x Accel Cold Correction."

" Numbers below 1.0 will result in less enrichment while numbers above 1.0 will result in more."

Does this mean if I enter a value of 25.5 (25.5 seems to be the limit) this increases the accel clamp value by 25.5%?

Or is the value multiplied by 25.5?


I need to add a heap of accel enrichment at higher rpm/low load. I'm just a bit confused as to how much the load correction table will add.

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Cheers Adam.

The (%) had me a little confused.

Also, kind of unrelated, but occasionally (like just now) when I go to download the ECU log file, there is nothing to download.

I downloaded the log yesterday, stored a few minor tune adjustments to the ECU, then deleted the ECU log. Car has been driven twice today, but no log has been recorded.

This has happened a couple of times now over the last few months. I download and delete logs all the time without issues.  

ECU logging is set to record at RPM> 50

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Oh yeah, I see what you mean about the % in the load table.  I will see if I can get that on the fixit list.

I havent seen any odd behavior with the ECU logging or had any similar reports recently, can you send me a copy of your .pclr and I will see if I can reproduce it.  NAjJcZt.png  Include a link to this thread in your email so I know what it is about. 

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Update on the ECU Logging issue.

I have been logging battery voltage as suggested and also raised the logging trigger rpm to 100 (from 50).

It missed another log this morning, which was a cold start and drive to work.

It also didn't log the drive to the shop after work.

But it logged when I drove from the shop to home, and also logged when I stalled it and restarted at the bottom of my driveway.

What I did notice is that after I restarted it after the stall, the ECU seems to have not been reading battery voltage correctly.

Voltage reading was locked at 10 point something, and as a result it was running very rich (as you'd expect with the ECU reading 10V but injectors are seeing 13.7V).

I have seen this rich condition before on other logs where it stays rich well after all cold start adders are no longer active, but never could work out what was causing it as battery voltage wasn't being logged.


Injection +ve is supplied from the same power wire as the ECU, from the main relay. All other relays have their own power supply and are switched on by the main relay.

Grounds are good. Just checked them.



Also just noticed when voltage reading is locked at 10.15V, Trigger 1 arming voltage also doesn't refresh.


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