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ST205 COP conversion using xsloom outputs?


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I know I can use existing ign outputs on the standard loom but i'd like to be able to have the coils on their own loom to an xsloom.

I already have an xsloom, 1zzfe coils and want to use the triggers in the oem distributor till my engine is build with Caldina crank and cam triggers, I've had a look in pclink but cant see if I can set the outputs to a certain cylinder.

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure you will need to use ign 1-4 for the coil on plug conversion.

I had a look thru the software, and was unable to only configure ign 5-8.

I would set the coils up on their own loom like you said, but have it mate with the standard loom via a deutsch connector or something of the sort.

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looking on the base map provided with the pclink software it seems the ign 1 to 4 are locked and I cant change the outputs? i'm not with the car at the moment so idealy need to work this out so I don't waste time wiring things up to find its wrong?

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Hi Afzn3K,

Yes you must use Ign 1-4.  They have been deliberately connected to normally unused pins on the header so users can easily upgrade to wasted or direct spark without buying an expansion loom.

Ign 1-4 will be locked in the base map but once you connect to the ECU live and change ignition mode to direct spark then the ignition drives will be reassigned automatically.

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